Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Building a Minecraft Church

As our school year comes to an end, we are delving more into Minecraft. To complete our Minecraft community, we built a church. Please watch this time lapsed documentary of students collaboratively building their church;

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Sakshi's Minecraft

I am year 7 student at Rooty Hill High School. I design my dream house in minecraft for TAS.

It helped me to improve in using minecraft. It helped me understand how to build a house. It also improved my work. It was hard to make house because I have never used Minecraft before. i just started playing to learn how to make my house, and i found it was easy to do

Monday, 23 November 2015

The work of 7E TAS

My 7E TAS class have been working tirelessly this semester in designing their dream homes using a Project Based Learning (PBL) pedagogy. Students learned how to incorporate the Design process to design their house. Students needed to consider the location of where to build their house, what resources are available there to build the house, considerations of natural disasters and climate.

Students then designed their house using CAD software - Google Sketchup. Once this was complete, students would build their house in Minecraft Edu to determine if their designs are feasible. Students can go back to to Google Sketchup and make the necessary modifications to ensure that their build is representative of their designs.

Here is a video of the final work created by students:

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

A Minecraft Year in Review

To celebrate the work that we did this year in our Minecraft Club "Minecraft 4 Me", students made a video highlighting their best achievements;

Friday, 13 November 2015

Mark is in da house

I am using Minecraft in TAS and I built a fence,house,pool and basement. I helped people do their house. Other students helped me too. The houses of other students were all amazing they were all excited when they started building there home.

Minecraft can give you more information on how to build a house. We used Snagit to record our work and to learn how to be accurate when building things and using scaling to make sure that our house is built right. 

I learned how how to not waste my time on lights the color n of my building. We should just do simple things and then start doing lights and color

Here is my house

Ratchet's House

I like Minecraft because it is fun, supportive, cool, helps you think while you build.It makes the lesson interesting.

To build my house, I built a bridge to connect to my house, and my house which had windows, window frames, house frames, Supporters for the house, walls, their are plots for building i have helped some people build walls and door ways and window frames, fences, ponds, afk pools and i have places a lot of blocks down like glow stone and quarts and pumpkin lanterns

Here is a tour of my house:

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Amazing world of Francis in Minecraft

I built a house that had wood,stone,and 2 floor's.i built an living room,a kitchen, a bedroom and a awesome secret hidden room full with powerful stuff.i built a waterfall,a pool,a window and i help miss build the road i think?,I have built a fence, i have put lanterns on the side of my walk through,sign above my door,paintings,pictures and i built an trees.

It helps me or others to learn how to build a house,it gives us idea of what house we might build when were older if we are working as a tradie. It could also help you when your in class working on your house when miss tells you to work on minecraft.

My problem was thinking about re-doing my house.  Then miss said you need to do the same house as google sketch up and that's what changed my mind about changing my house.

Here are my designs:

Here is my house in Minecraft:

You say "house" Jose says "Dream House!"

What I am building in Minecraft is my dream house. I am building furniture's and different things that completes my home. I am building my home on a new and great community with my classmates. My minecraft was designed by me using google sketch up. I built windows lights that will make my house an amazing Dream home. My dream home can fit big families and small families and can fit Parties. And the house has 3 amazing big bedrooms and 1 office room. I designed my dream home in google sketch up that made me help build my dream home in Minecraft.

This activity helps me support my learning of measuring. And will help me on my dream job of being an architecture for my future job. It also helps me learn of how to build and design a house. It help me learn how to use mine craft and also can help you.

The problem was when there wasn't enough space for my rooms. The area was too small to fit any rooms of my house.

Here is my Google Sketchup and Minecraft

There's a Miracle in this place

We build a house made out of all thing that is needed like a fence,toilet,bedrooms, etc i am trying to make it like the building in Google Sketchup

By when your older it can help you building home using snagit and building different types of house and making life easier and helps you with accuracy and will make you better

It will help you and will overcome you with making a higher level for each building place

Here is an example of my Google Sketchup and my Minecraft design

My Minecraft Dream House

In Minecraft I built my dream house but its not finish yet. So for I built the front of the house like I did in google sketchup but when I did the inside of the house it doesn't it look like the same in Google Sketchup. In Minecraft I built with drak wood and block of quartz. 

 This activity support me with learn what helped me to learn about TAS with Mrs Callaghan and develop my planing skills in TAS. We worked  together with helped the community.

Here is my screenshots in Minecraft and Google Sketchup;

Here is a tour of my house in Minecraft: